A step towards reducing emissions in steel, aviation and chemicals

Wednesday 25th October 12:25 - 13:00


LanzaTech’s innovative technology using gas fermentation process reduces Steel / Ferroalloys and other industrial carbon emissions. The technology enables to create chemical building blocks like ethanol that can be used directly for cleaning products or fragrances or converted to sustainable aviation fuels or consumer products including detergents, packaging and textile fibers. Products made with LanzaTech process offer an improved environmental profile and reduce GHG by over 70% compared to equivalent fossil fuel derived products.

LanzaTech technology has been successfully deployed at commercial scale, with several more in the construction and engineering phase. The first European commercial scale plant at e ArcelorMittal Ghent will soon be producing 64kt of bio-ethanol reducing more than 125,000 tons of CO2 emissions per year.


Sanjeev Manocha

Business Development Director


Sanjeev Manocha is the business development director of LanzaTech Inc headquartered in Chicago, USA. Sanjeev joined LanzaTech earlier this year, having developed a passion to decarbonize industries. He is leading the steel, cement and energy intensive industry sectors. In terms of his wider career, Sanjeev is a metallurgical engineer with an executive MBA, who started his working life in the iron and steel industry, having served in various executive positions across Europe, Asia pacific and North America. In the later part of his career, Sanjeev moved to the lime industry. Sanjeev also served as a board member with various businesses and institutes.


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