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Why Visit?

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The Sustainable Steel Strategies Summit is shaping up to be an exciting two-day virtual event aimed exclusively at the global steelmaking industry.

Join us virtually and...:

  • Save time and budget by arranging multiple meetings and product demos all in one place at one time
  • Expand your networking and develop new relationships within the industry, from competitors through to suppliers
  • View and hear the latest innovations in our virtual exhibitor's and conference arena
  • Join us for our 2-day informative packed conference, which will discuss the latest opportunities and challenges within the industry surrounding sustainability
  • Reconnect with old associates and connect with other steel professionals
  • Research what your competitors are doing, benchmark your company and discover industry best-practise
  • View the latest machinery and tech in action
  • Gain valuable insight on the forecasted trends of the industry and discover how to future-proof your business
  • Integrate with steel professionals from all over the world

But how are they doing this and what timescales are they working to? Well, that’s what the Sustainable Steel Strategies Summit is all about. Join us online and listen to what the steelmakers themselves have to say about climate change and how they intend to make greener steel in the near future.


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